Michener Art Museum on WHYY

If you were listening to WHYY today between 6  and 10 a.m., you heard the Michener Art Museum named several times throughout Morning Edition and BBC News Hour.

About 10 staffers and volunteers awoke at 3 a.m. to carpool, meeting at WHYY’s facility on North Sixth St. at 5:30 a.m. Lots of callers were from Doylestown, and said they were excited to hear the Michener Art Museum named on air.

After the pledge, we were given a tour of the studios and saw the spaces where Terry Gross, Mike McGrath and Marty Moss-Coane broadcast from. We got to meet with Susan Greenbaum, Senior Producer, Radio Times, who talked about how the program has evolved over the years, bringing in more international authors and guests, and how they meet weekly to discuss story ideas. When Marty signs off from her daily broadcast, we learned, she dives into a ream of reading material to prepare for her next interview. No wonder she’s always so well informed. Marty really listens, Susan told us, while also preparing for the next question.

The Michener Art Museum staff was thrilled to partner with another cultural organization in the Philadelphia region.

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