A Labyrinth is Coming to the Michener

In June, the James A. Michener Art Museum Board of Trustees approved the Community Labyrinth project, to be funded by private donations and installed and maintained by volunteers. The Labyrinth Committee consists of JoAnn Maroney, Maria Starr, Connie Fenty, Patty White, Bonnie Olliver, Judy Stratton, Jean Weston, Lou White and Frank Gallagher. The project completion date is May, 2012.

A labyrinth is an ancient and mysterious pattern that is representative of one’s journey in life. Unlike a maze where you encounter a wrong turn or a dead end, the labyrinth has one way in, leading to the center, and one way out. You can never get lost in a labyrinth…the idea is to “find” something! The labyrinth pattern in known to be thousands of years old, dating back to Greek mythology. The traditional 11 circuit labyrinth, found on the floor of the medieval Chartres Cathedral in France, is probably the most famous. The seven circuit pattern is also traditional and widely used and would be a perfect fit for the Michener lot.

Walking a labyrinth can be a meditative experience…staying on the winding path, sometimes moving toward the center, then away from it again, eventually leading to the center. Because of potential healing and problem-solving benefits,  labyrinths are being installed in hospitals and school playgrounds.

Committee members recently gathered to talk about the labyrinth, and lit the outline of the path at night.

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