Sculpture on the Move

Construction for the Michener Art Museum‘s new Edgar N. Putman Event Pavilion is well underway, scheduled to open April 2012. This has presented an opportunity for the Museum to move some of its sculpture out of storage and make it viewable on the gracefully manicured front lawns.

Many visitors were excited to watch sculptor Harry Gordon and his team of assistants move the stone and metal works, many weighing more than a thousand pounds. Using a truck with a crane, the workers lifted and lowered accurately and precisely, handling the massive works with care so they were situated exactly as planned by Museum Director/CEO Bruce Katsiff.

Among the works moved were Masami Kodama’s “Mobius” (2010), bronze (James A. Michener Art Museum, gift of the artist), George Trivellini’s “Empire” (1982), stainless steel (James A. Michener Art Museum, gift of the Trivellini family), Fred Schmidt’s “Juggler” (2000-2001), welded steel, enamel (Museum purchase in honor of Bjorn T. Polfelt with assistance from the Fred Schmidt Estate,  and Molly Mason’s “Flirt II” (1988), stainless steel and copper (James A. Michener Art Museum, gift of Judith Teller Kaye.

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